Percuro is special

Dogs and cats eat 20% of the world’s meat & fish. So we created a tasty alternative that’s just as nutritious, but has a far smaller impact on our planet. Her name is Hermetia illucens, and she’s a superstar. A super fly, actually. We’re honest and transparent about what goes into our premium dog foods. We don’t use cheap meat full of who knows what - in fact, we don’t use meat at all!

Percuro food is entovegan, which means the protein in our recipes comes from insects, specifically Hermetia illucens.

Reduced Carbon Clean Insect Protein

Made from delicious high-quality clean insect protein that provides the optimal nutrition of a ‘meat-based’ pet food, only with a much lower carbon paw-print.

For the planet, Manufactured in the EU using only sustainable clean insect protein and locally sourced plant-based ingredients, we aim to keep our carbon pawprint as low as possible. The next generation of pet food has arrived, in 100% recyclable packaging!

Cruelty-Free & Animal Friendly. We are dedicated to support animal welfare. Unlike livestock farming, our insect protein larvae thrive in small spaces, and live in a climate similar to their ideal habitat.